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Jera’s Garden Layout

We moved to this site in 2015.  We have 3/4 of an acre of land and there was nothing on it except a house and some landscaping directly in front of the home.  The back yard was fenced which has kept the rabbits, deer and armadillo out of the garden.

My back yard in 2015 was empty.  It had grass and little of that. IMG_6403

Jera’s Garden is centered in the back lawn.  It consists of fourteen 42 inch square beds that are 8 inches deep. They are arranged in a semi formal,  rectangular manner with an archway entry off of a semi circular stone patio. The beds are made from a composite plastic and wood flour recycled material by Greenland Gardener.  The entire garden is underlain with landscaping fabric and separated with Indiana Pea Stones at a depth of about 4 inches.

Behind the beds there is another semi circular area mirroring the patio in the front.  It has a pea gravel pathway and a step up centered behind the garden to accommodate a slope.  The step leads to a chaste tree.  This area is filled with pine straw and has red roses, shasta daises and day lilies.  Meant to be a red, white and blue garden in the late spring, the back of the garden has clean lines.
KG satellite view

Square and circular designs work together in the garden.  In addition to the semi circular areas abutting the main garden, the first box through the arch has a circular water feature with a solar pump.

Check out the In the News section of the blog home page to see a step by step instructable of how the garden was built.


Blank Slate

It is really rather humorous that I have not started a blog about my gardening obsession before today.  I talk about it all of the time, my twitter account is all about my garden and my personal facebook account friends are extremely bored with my daily plant musings. Like my twitter account, my blog is here for me and if anyone else enjoys it, that is wonderful too, but I will not be spending any time growing followers.  I will be too busy weeding in the garden for that.

I have considered blogging for years, however in the last 2 years I have been living in Zone 8a after decades of northern gardening.  I have had more time to garden due to longer seasons, more space to garden and therefore more time and space to succeed and fail miserably.  My gardening successes and failures are each blog worthy because the successes are simply too gorgeous not to share while my failures come with such disgrace as black spot, powdery mildew, toppled supports, hideous choices or 6 legs.

This is where I will pour my heart and my seed packets out.  This is where I will journal my planting and sowing (mostly so I will not forget where I put it).  I plan to also discuss my (not so) occasional ripping and over-the-fence tossing gardening snafus (gardeners have tempers too).

My current garden at the start of this blog was Jera’s Garden.   My next post will discuss the garden site and it’s creation.