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The Baby Seeds

Seed start season is upon us!  My home has a new occupant, a cat.  My seed starting station had to be moved as my cat is a monster in disguise.  I purchased a 4 foot wide, 2ft deep, 6 ft tall grow tent and set my operation up in the unheated garage with my 6 led grow lights (2 daylight, 4 red/blue).



I began my seedlings the first weekend of February which gave me about 6-7 weeks until our usual last frost. I did my dark cycle in the tent during the day to have lights on in the evening to add needed heat on the cold nights. I measured tent temps with an inexpensive remote sensor. I also had a heat mat on on the bottom of the tent. The grow tent fluctuated between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit even on the coldest nights outside in the 20F range. Humidity was not measured, but on cool night’s condensation formed inside the tent and humidity was evident when you opened the tent. When the temps got near 80 and the garage was not too cold, I turned on an in-line fan and blew in fresh air using positive pressure. I have to say, I’ve been growing seedling under these types of lights for years on open racks in a windows and have never had stronger, nicer plants than these!

My tomatoes are not leggy, my petunias are large, my lobelia is trailing and my herbs will be ready for my deck garden next week. It’s been a perfect climate in that tent. I’ve been so happy with results that I’m probably going to grow vegetables and herbs all next winter.

Basil-week 5 (after transplanting) week 8 total.

celosia- week 5

Park’s Whopper Improved tomato -week 5
Double petunia -week 5

Day 1 of hardening off after 5 weeks