Promises Made. Promises Kept.

I spend time gardening every day. If I am not outside in my gardens, I am indoors propagating, researching or tending to houseplants or seedlings or tender propagations. When I started this garden I intended this blog to be a diary of my work, but alas, that promise to myself was not kept! I now have full gardens, as the photo above shows, and several years of seed starting for it in the books with very little to show. What has kept me from blogging was twofold. 1-thought that this blog needed long, explanatory posts and 2- I was gardening and didn’t make time to write. I think that I need to revise my plan for this blog since I have not rolled the anything out! If you are an experienced gardener you already know that life in the garden is full of surprises. If you are a new gardener I challenge you to be open to failure and to look at it as an opportunity to change something and not as an end to your adventure. So, with that flexibility in mind, I am going to begin a different approach. The goal is trimmed down to be simply: get some damn words in to the blog.


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