April 19-24, 2022: Week 16 Garden in Review

Wow! This is the week every year when my garden explodes in color. I have finished planting all of my seedlings and have begun to fertilize daily with a bloom boost fertilizer to get them started in their new homes. Meanwhile the perennials are perking up, the grass is greening and every day a new flower opens! This week brought the first poppy, the first yellow iris, the first Baltic star iris, cordoba iris, lady friend iris, a schizanthus, a dianthus I started from seed in July, a columbine and lovely verbascum. I didn’t do much work this week beyond general upkeep, watering and weeding. I enlarged the seedling bed that currently houses my onions and bachelor buttons to make room for a lot of zinnia. I dug out the grass and weeds and added garden soil to about a 1 foot wide add on to the front of the original 16 foot bed.

Pink Shirley Poppy
Cordoba iris

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